Community Change Partnership

"Community Change is a New York State-based, capacity-building consulting firm whose mission is to make our community a better place to live!

Community Change, Inc. supports youth, parents and families through a variety of youth programs and parent/family engagement initiatives. These services are in five areas: career explorations, community organizing, cultural education, financial education, and relationship education.

Community Change, Inc. supports nonprofits, institutions of higher education, school districts, youth bureaus and other government agencies through customized staff trainings, curriculum development, fund development and strategic planning services that build their capacity to serve youth, parents and families." 


The following clubs at MAA are sponsored by Community Change: 

- Art Club                                                    - Book Club                                                  - Martial Arts Club                                            - Salud                                                   - Theater Club 


Theatre Club

 Theatre visual 


Club participants will learn all aspects of various careers in the performing arts. Students will receive workshops from working professionals and will be inspired by their research and will produce their own production of a play.

Theatre Club meets MONDAY and THURSDAY at 3pm. 

If you're interested in joining the Theatre Club, please email Mr. Van Voorhis.

Martial Arts Club



Learn Tae kwon do from a 4th degree blackbelt! We will understand how to meditate, exercise, and safely practice self defense.

Martial Arts Club meets THURSDAY at 3pm. 

If you want to join Martial Arts Club, email Mr. Moro for more information.